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Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Related 6. Hot Network Questions. The board of directors are freaking out. The banks are threatening to pull their funding. Maybe we have bond payments due. They use gasoline too, the hypocrites! And look how hate-filled they are! I am not endorsing this viewpoint. I am merely trying to understand it. One product of that understanding that is uncomfortable for the ego of the militant is that it would take courage for the ETP executives to halt the project — to do so would require sacrificing their self-interest as they understand it.

Similarly, it might take courage for a policeman to defy orders or disbelieve propaganda or break ranks. In a way, we are all in the same boat; we are all facing situations that invite us to choose love over fear, to listen to the heart when it feels unsafe to do so. We need to help each other obey that call. In that, we are allies. We can be allies in calling each other to our highest potential. Another friend described his encounters with pepper-spraying police at Standing Rock.

Jodi Picoult

He noticed that in each instance, it was only one or two police who were doing most of the violence. The others were standing around looking uncomfortable, probably wishing they were somewhere else. What would it look like to express in word and deed an underlying certainty that each of them is here on earth to carry out a sacred mission of service to life? I am sorry you are under such pressure to contravene your heart.

But it is not too late. We forgive you and welcome you to join us in service to life. As I write this, the first of two thousand U. They have vowed to stand with and protect the Water Protectors with their own bodies. They are not bringing weapons. Many of them are leaving jobs and families in order to help protect the water. If they too can keep peaceful hearts, they will magnify the invitation to the government, the company, and particularly the police to make the courageous choice themselves. Victory at Standing Rock will have far-reaching consequences.

It may seem inconsequential in the macro view if the pipeline is merely rerouted or replaced with rail tankers which are even worse than pipelines. On a deeper level though, a victory will establish a precedent: if it can happen at Standing Rock, why not globally? If a pipeline can be stopped against great odds in one place, similar violations can be stopped in every place. It will shift our view of what is possible. Climate change is the result of a million insults to a million places on earth. Honoring the place of Standing Rock establishes a principle of honor to all places. Writ large, the situation at Standing Rock is the situation of our whole planet: everywhere, dominating forces seek to exploit what remains of the treasures of earth and sea.

They cannot be defeated by force. We must instead invite a change of heart by being in a place of heartfulness ourselves — of courage, empathy, and compassion. If the Water Protectors at Standing Rock can stay strong in that invitation, they will demonstrate an unstoppable power and win a miraculous victory, inspiring the rest of us to follow their example.

What if I am wrong? Not every nonviolent action succeeds in its explicit aims; not every invitation, no matter how powerful, is accepted. Yet even if the pipeline goes through, if the Water Protectors stay off the warpath another kind of victory will be won — the creation of a psychic template for the future.

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With each choice we face, we are being asked what kind of world we want to live in. The more courage required to make that choice, the more powerful the prayer, because Whoever listens to prayers knows we really mean it. Therefore, when we choose love in the face of enormous temptation to hate, we are issuing a powerful prayer for a world of love. When we refuse to dehumanize in the face of atrocity, we issue a prayer for universal dignity. When thousands of people sacrifice their safety and comfort to protect the water, a powerful prayer issues from their gathering.

Some day, in some form, it will be answered.

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Or is it in order to Our New, Happy Life? The Ideology of Development This essay originally appeared in Tikkun. Of Horseshoe Crabs and Empathy When we transmit to each other our love of earth, mountain, water, and sea to others, and stir the grief Scaling Down Let me present a logic that has immersed me ever since I became aware of the state of the planet The Fertile Ground of Bewilderment The Brexit vote marks a rare moment of discontinuity, when the usual normalizing narratives falter and a society experiences a Psychedelics and Systems Change The revolutionary potential of psychedelics lies first and foremost in their power to reveal the Story of Separation as nothing Comedy Romance.

Bakery in Brooklyn Two cousins, two kind of thinking, and a bakery for saving. RiffTrax: High School Musical Burning Bodhi Ask for Jane Drama History. Para-Medics Short Fantasy. Not yet released.

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Stars: Aimee Teegarden, Catero Colbert. Fantasy Musical. Thriller I. Horror Thriller.

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Edit Cast Credited cast: Kathy Najimy Ruthie Virginia Madsen Deena Aimee Teegarden Josie Cody Horn Teddy Dawn Olivieri Laurie Jim Belushi Hank as James Belushi William Levy Carlos Aaron Lohr Norm Larry Joe Campbell Lou Mariann Gavelo Woman Gloria Estefan Fajardo Harvey Atkin Cousin David Robert Montano Handsome Dancer Vincent De Paul Edit Storyline Discouraged with cards that life has dealt him, Hank Jim Belushi is a man whose circumstances have steered him to fear change, but his town is adhering less to traditional white man and wife partnerships of which he is comfortable.

Genres: Comedy.

  • William Ranney: American Frontier Paintings;
  • La Ligne noire (Romans français) (French Edition).
  • Die politischen Umbrüche in Polen und in Ungarn 1988/89 und deren Folgen für den Kurs der DDR: Krise und Reform des Kommunismus in Ostmitteleuropa (German Edition).

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