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A wild memory when we decided to add a hydraulic lift to the auto bay at Modern Times.

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We had to drill under the building from the west, direction of the Central Field. The day came, and with it, rain. At the job's finish for the day, we all shed our caked skins and ran down to the Courtyard, where there was a gutter that poured the continued heavy rains from Harmony's roof and was aptly used as an outdoor shower. As Nathan steered the community towards organic agribiz, he drew me into working on the farm equipment.

I came to know how to fix them, but not how to use them, or much about the larger picture. Farming would become my pathway to enlightenment too. Unfortunately, our 3 farm managers, Nathan, Brian n John, all suffered dire personal difficulties early into the startup, leaving TO farm faltering.


In those days it was communal. He loved the children. The only 2 photos I can find of mine of Nathan are of him in front of Degania, the childcare home for the kids. Unfortunately, he's in the background. January Then times was a lull in picture taking for me as I fully embraced living in the moment. Our lives were meshed in other fun n synchronistic ways.

I have a deep connection with Swami Satchidananda, and currently live in the community of the world headquarters of Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, VA. When I reconnected with Nathan about 5 years ago, he briefly stayed with my husband Rishi, and me.

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During this same summer of reconnection with Nathan, and also Vinny Zagar, who had taught yoga classes at TO, I found out that Vinny had been teaching us Integral Yoga. We are the weavers, we are the woven ones Nathan cared for his mother, as she lived with him for a number of her last years. I was soooo impressed, as I know a lot about how rewarding and challenging it is to embrace that path, as my mom lived with us the last year of her life as her motor functions waned.

I was also so moved and thrilled by Nathan's activism with the differently abled'. Again, we connected, as my activism has consumed me on the frontlines of fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Virginia for the last 3 years. Nathan's caring for his community included setting up programs and teaching about renewables at the local tech school, and creating a sustainable homestead for himself.

He would employ differently abled' folks to help him with his biodiesel processing project, gathering used cooking oil from restaurants in the community. What did he call his self converted biodiesel truck, painted like a Holstein cow? His spirits sought support and comfort with his men's drumming group, and the Quakers, and I would love to hear more about his many worthy and uplifting cares and causes. I know Nathan's health was ravaged in his last years; in his last months, he knew it was sketchy.

I regret that we did not connect more at the 50th Twin Oaks Anniversary this year in June, as I was struggling with the heat, and by what was dragging me down, and very soon to hit a wall, with Lyme's. We were both in our own survival modes at that time. It hasn't been nice but she has had such a positive prognosis from the start. We're pretty private, so she's nervous about it going to air.

Before it was even more long psychedelic jams. Once Abbie came into the mix, we gave her full free rein on lyrics and melodies and let her take on that whole aspect of the album and songwriting process. In fact, the band had already signed on to perform its first show by the time Thurman came on board, which gave her less than six weeks to complete the lyrics and melodies for the album. So we had a fascination with the complexity or our place in the galaxy and our place in the universe.

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title A solitary wander travels the west coast from Big Sur to British Columbia, searching for surf, kayaking spots, hiking trails, interesting people, and some insights into the great mysteries of life.

About the Author : M. Review : The book, with a strong meditative air, is about Fischer's joy in being able to take off along the coast, camp out, surf, hike, bike and commune with nature. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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