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He has taught Introduction to Business for more than 35 years both on campus and online for Richland College, one of seven campuses that are part of the Dallas County Community College District. In addition, he is lead author for a business math project utilizing artificial intelligence and computer-assisted instruction funded by the ALEKS Corporation. He is active in many academic and professional organizations and has served as a consultant and investment adviser to individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations.

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According to Dr. Hughes, after 35 years of teaching Introduction to Business, the course is still exciting: "There's nothing quite like the thrill of seeing students succeed, especially in a course like Introduction to Business, which provides the foundation for not only academic courses, but also life in the real world. Jack R. Kapoor Ed.

Foundations of Economics

Treasury Department and as an international trade consultant to Bolting Manufacturing Co. He has served as a content consultant for the popular national television series "The Business File: An Introduction to Business" and has developed two full-length audio courses in business and personal finance. Kapoor has traveled around the world and has studied business practices in capitalist, socialist, and communist countries.

Foundations of Business, 6th Edition. Business Foundations, International Edition, 2nd Edition. BUSN, 8th Edition. We would like to place cookies on your computer to improve your viewing experience and help us make this website better.

By using our site you accept the terms of our Privacy Policy. Foundations of Business, 5th Edition William M. Pride , Robert J. Hughes , Jack R. Digital Solutions. Table of Contents. New to this edition. These intriguing Inside Business Cases at the beginning of each chapter highlight how successful companies conduct business on a day-to-day basis. These important boxes in each chapter emphasize how both today's employees and entrepreneurs can be ethical and successful in the business world today. Each chapter integrates helpful examples and visuals that demonstrate applications or showcase important concepts.

MindTap's personalized teaching experience has expanded assignments to include meaningful decision-making exercises that require students to apply content in every chapter to real-world situations. Students learn to analyze, apply, and improve thinking while you measure skills and outcomes with ease.

This edition continues to prepare students for career success as they gain important insights into today's best practices for attaining their individual business and career goals. For example, all Career Success, Ethical Success or Failure, and Entrepreneurial Success features are new and are tied to important concepts in each chapter.

These "Why Should You Care" features begin each chapter to draw students into the material that follows. In addition, Personal App features in every chapter provide hands-on opportunities for students to apply important chapter content to their lives now and in the future.

Included in each chapter, these Video Cases focus on a successful, real-world company that applies selected chapter content to a real-world situation. Accompanying student questions encourage students to closely examine the keys to success. After earning a Ph. At Harvard, he has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in macroeconomics. He is also author of the best-selling introductory textbook Principles of Economics Cengage Learning.

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Check your inbox, trash, and spam folders for an e-mail from InstructorResources macmillan. If you do not receive your e-mail, please visit macmillanlearning. Your way. Tailor This Text. Find Your Rep. Gregory Mankiw. It maintains that bestselling status by continually bringing the leading edge of macroeconomics theory, research, and policy to the classroom, explaining complex concept Students - Buy or Rent. Bookmark, search, and highlight our PDF-style e-books. Subscribe 6 months. Get the e-book, do your homework online, and more.

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Gregory Mankiw N. Professor Mankiw is a regular participant in academic and policy debates. His research ranges across macroeconomics and includes work on price adjustment, consumer behavior, financial markets, monetary and fiscal policy, and economic growth.

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