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The delicious irony of trapping a sexy demon and a cranky exorcist in the same body gives rising star Black lots of room for conflict and action.

Download Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale Audiobook (Unabridged)

Top pick! A wonderful new addition to the genre, The Devil Inside is an intriguing story and Morgan Kingsley an engaging heroine. I was hooked from the beginning…. A truly sinister tale that reaches out and grabs your attention. Black has created a spine-chilling new series.

The book starts out with action and only gets faster. I never noticed the story to slow down at all.

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The plot slowly unfolds to reveal that more is going on than anyone can possibly guess. I sincerely believe the author to have a major winner on her hands with Morgan Kingsley. Five stars. Wonderfully written with complex characters, an intricate plot, and intense demon encounters, this book will keep readers enthralled. For an intense thrill ride, pick up a copy of The Devil You Know. The writing was flawless, and I was blown away by this latest installment.

Thanks also to my wonderful agent, Miriam Kriss. He looked more mulish each time I said it. I suspected I was red in the face by now. Arguing with Brian is almost always a losing battle, but that never stops me from trying.

People have tried to sue exorcists before and gotten laughed out of court. If they happen to succeed where everyone else has failed, they make a big splash. I had more than enough problems in my life without dealing with a lawsuit. I felt a whopper of a headache coming on. See, a couple of months ago, my house and all my worldly possessions had burned to the ground. It was going to take me approximately forever and a day to recover from the financial devastation, even when the insurance company finally coughed up every cent they owed me.

There was no question it was arson, and the official investigation had ruled that I was not the guilty party. However, since the fire had been started inside my house while I was still in it, the insurance company had launched its own investigation.

Shadowspell : A Faeriewalker Novel

Add to that the fact that the U. Exorcism Board had suspended me when the lawsuit was filed, and I was already on a strict diet of ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches.

He frowned at me. What percentage of the hosts that you personally have performed exorcisms on are catatonic, and what percentage are brain-dead? New York: St. Martin's Griffin. Black, Jenna. Black, Jenna, Sirensong.

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