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Organizer: Martin Gorsky.

Lex Trent: Fighting With Fire

Organizer: Alexander Engel. Chair: Alessio Ponzio. Organizer: Andrew DJ Shield. Discussant: Alessio Ponzio. Organizers: Tymofii Brik, Nils Edling. Discussant: Hagen Schulz-Forberg. Chair: Anne Epstein. Networks: Ethnicity and Migration , Theory.

Chair: Jelena Pogosjan. Organizer: Nataliya Bezborodova. Discussant: Maryna Chernyavska.

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Chair: Bengt Sandin. Organizer: Fia Sundevall. Organizers: Elise Dermineur, Jaco Zuijderduijn. Discussant: Elise Dermineur. Organizer: Elise Van Nederveen Meerkerk. Discussant: William Gervase Clarence-Smith. Networks: Antiquity , Elites and Forerunners. Chair: Neville Morley.

Network: Urban. Chair: Nicolas Kenny. Organizers: Anneleen Arnout, Rebecca Madgin. Discussant: Nicolas Kenny. Networks: Labour , Theory.

Lex Trent: Fighting with Fire

Chair: Christina de Bellaigue. Organizer: Rebecca Rogers. Discussant: Christina de Bellaigue. Chair: Eric Storm. Organizers: Andreas Stynen, Gerrit Verhoeven. Discussant: Eric Storm. Organizer: Dolores Augustine. Organizer: Nuno Camarinhas. Discussant: Nuno Camarinhas. Network: Africa. Organizer: Stefano Bellucci. Networks: Economic History , Labour. Chair: Martin Jemelka. Organizer: Zdenek Nebrensky. Discussant: Martin Jemelka. Networks: Labour , Women and Gender.

Organizers: Gorkem Akgoz, Bridget Kenny. Discussant: Silke Neunsinger. Organizer: Svitlana Potapenko. Chair: Rombert Stapel.

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Organizers: Mans Schepers, Rombert Stapel. Chair: Moira Van Dijk. Organizer: Moira Van Dijk. Organizers: Almut Leh, Cord Pagenstecher.

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Chair: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux. Organizer: Ester Fauve. Discussant: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux. Chair: Benjamin Bernard.

Lex Trent Fighting with Fire

Organizer: Mette Birkedal Bruun. Discussant: Benjamin Bernard. Organizer: Enrique Perdiguero-Gil. Discussant: Robert DuPlessis. Chair: Alexis Litvine. Organizer: Alexis Litvine. Chair: Jose Reis Santos. Organizer: Jose Reis Santos. Chair: John Herson. Organizer: William Jenkins. Discussant: Donald MacRaild. Chair: Chris Waters. Network: Middle Ages. Discussant: Eduard Juncosa Bonet. Chair: Guido Hausmann. Organizer: Guido Hausmann. Chair: Thomas Welskopp.


Organizer: Stefan Berger. The Commission shall be informed thereof. The hull shall be sufficiently strong to withstand all of the stresses to which it is normally subjected. In the case of newly built vessels or major conversions affecting vessel strength, adequate strength shall be demonstrated by presenting design calculation proof. That proof is not required where a classification certificate or a declaration from an approved classification society is submitted. Where there is an inspection as referred to in Article 2.

For vessels made from steel minimum thickness t min is given by the highest of the values resulting from the following formulae:. However, the minimum thickness of the bilge plates may in no case be less than that of the bottom plates and side plates. In longitudinally framed vessels with double bottom and wing voids, the minimum value calculated for the plate thickness in accordance with the formulae in paragraph b may be reduced to a calculated value certified by an approved classification society for sufficient hull strength longitudinal, lateral and local strength.

Plates shall be renewed if bottom, bilge or side plates are below the permissible value laid down in this way.

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The minimum values calculated in accordance with the method are limit values taking account of normal, uniform wear, and provided that shipbuilding steel is used and that the internal structural components such as frames, frame floor, main longitudinal and transverse structural members are in a good state and that the hull shows no indication of any overloading of the longitudinal strength. As soon as these values are no longer achieved, the plates in question shall be repaired or replaced. Where a material other than steel is used for the construction of the hull, it shall be proved by calculation that the hull strength longitudinal, lateral and local strength equals at least the strength that would result from the use of steel under the assumption of minimum thickness in accordance with paragraph1.

If a certificate of class or a declaration issued by a recognised classification society is presented, a proof by calculation may be dispensed with. Bulkheads rising up to the deck or, where there is no deck, up to the gunwale, shall be installed at the following points:. No accommodation or installations needed for vessel safety or operation may be located ahead of the plane of the collision bulkhead. This requirement shall not apply to anchor gear.

The accommodation, engine rooms and boiler rooms, and the workspaces forming part of these shall be separated from the holds by watertight transverse bulkheads that extend up to the deck. The accommodation shall be separated from engine rooms, boiler rooms and holds in a gastight manner and shall be directly accessible from the deck. If no such access has been provided an emergency exit shall also lead directly to the deck. However, doors in the aft-peak bulkhead and penetrations, in particular for shafts and pipework, shall be permitted where they are so designed that the effectiveness of those bulkheads and of the separation of areas is not impaired.

Doors in the aft-peak bulkhead shall be permitted only if it can be determined by remote monitoring in the wheelhouse whether they are open or closed and shall bear the following readily legible instruction on both sides:. The water inlets and discharges, and the pipework connected to these, shall be such that no unintentional ingress of water into the vessel is possible.

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The foresections of vessels shall be built in such a way that the anchors neither wholly nor partly protrude beyond the side plating. Engine or boiler rooms shall be arranged in such a way that the equipment therein can be operated, serviced and maintained easily and safely. The liquid-fuel or lubricant bunkers and passenger areas and accommodation may not have any common surfaces which are under the static pressure of the liquid when in normal service.