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Proper sense, shareholder. Adjudant , m. Adroit , adj. Aff , affe , f. Affaire , f.

See Aff. Affistoler familiar , to arrange , to dress. Properly to moor a ship each way. Affres , f. Affur , affure , m. Affurage , m.

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Agate , f. Agout , m. Agrafe , f. Ahuri , m. See Aller. Aiguille , f. Aile , f. Aille , iergue , orgue , uche , suffixes used to disguise any word.

Aimant , m. Air , m. Airs , m. A la bonne popular , prendre quelquechose chose —— , to take anything good-humouredly. Avoir —— , to love, to like. A la clef familiar , an expletive. From a musical term. The expression is used sometimes with no particular meaning, thus, Il y aura du champagne —— , is equivalent to, Il y aura du champagne. A la corde popular , logement —— , low lodging-house, where the lodgers sleep with their heads on a rope , which is let down early in the morning.

In some of these the lodgers leave all their clothes with the keeper, to ensure against their being stolen. A la grive! Etre —— , not to be trustworthy ; to betray.


Alentoir , m. The thief watches his opportunity in the neighbourhood of such establishments, and when operating keeps his hand concealed under an overcoat which he bears on his arm. The expression is used also by civilians. Allemand , m.

Blagues de merde

Allez vous faire fiche , or foutre! Aller son petit bonhomme de chemin , to do anything without any hurry, without heeding interruptions or hindrances. Familiar and popular Y aller , to begin anything. Y aller de quelque chose , to contribute ; to pay ; to furnish. Y —— de sa larme , to shed a tear , to show emotion.

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Y —— gaiment , to do anything willingly, briskly. Allons y gaiment! He was afterwards said to have dined with Duke Humphrey, and the saying eventually passed into a proverb. Allez donc familiar , et —— , a kind of flourish at the end of a sentence to emphasize an assertion. Alliances , f. Allume , m. Allumette , f. Allumettes , f. Allumeur , m. Allumeurs , m. Allumeuse , f. Almanach , m. Alpaga , alpag , m. See Poisson.

Alphonsisme familiar , the calling of an Alphonse. Amadou , m. Amadouage , m. Amandes , f. Amar , amarre , m. Amar-loer Breton cant , rope which has served to hang one. Amazone , f.

Ambassadeur , m. Ambes , f. I got off, and ran away as fast as possible. Ambulante , f. Amendier , m. The pair induce a simpleton to dig at the foot of a tree for a buried treasure, when they rob him of his money; a swindler who pretends he has just returned from America ; familiar a drink , something between grog and punch. Amicablement popular , in a friendly manner , affectionately.

Aminche , aminchemar , aminchemince , m. Amis , m.

Amiteux , adj. Ampafle , m. Amphi , m. Amprefan Breton cant , a low , insulting expression. Amusatif , adj. Anarcho , m. Anastasie , f. Anchois , m. In the army, a soldier who has served one term of service at least.