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It's the story of a forgotten Russia in turmoil, when the line between government and organized crime blurred into a chaotic continuum of kleptocracy, vengeance and sadism. Says Dr. This book details precisely how nasty they were. Jamie Bisher lives in Bowie, Maryland and is a graduate of the U.

Air Force Academy, American University and the University of Maryland with 30 years experience in defense and international projects and dozens of non-fiction magazine and journal articles to his credit. He is a member of AFIO. Jamie Bisher can be reached at Telephone , jfbisher aacc. Edwards tandf. Robert J. Girod, Sr. Back to Top. Profiling the Criminal Mind is a practical text that combines both behavioral and forensic science into a useful reference for criminal investigators, forensic scientists, prosecutors, behavioral scientists, and academics interested in criminal behavior.

Multi-discipline sleuths and researchers into the criminal mind will find this approach to analysis valuable. Available from iUniverse or from Amazon. Arab terrorists plot to assassinate the nation's lawmakers in the Capitol Building, financing the operation by laundering drug money. First, they must eliminate an FBI informant threatening to expose their plans. A major snowstorm cripples Washington. Liz Rider, a local fund-raiser and divorcee, throws a dinner party for her Georgetown neighbors to relieve boredom.

At the party's end, a murdered woman's body is found. It turns out to be the terrorists' target. Kidnappings and more murders occur in Liz's neighborhood and reveal a web of intrigue and deception. Subsequently she joined the National Academy of Sciences' international office which involved programs with and travel to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. For several years, she managed programs in Indonesia and Thailand involving technical and administrative development.

With this first novel, she tops a career involving considerable reportorial and analytical writing. An entertaining read that takes you on a tour of ancient Izmir.

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Experience the danger, the humor, and the frustrations of operating within "the system," and the joy of ignoring the system; and yes, even newfound love. This is all wrapped up in a story that will make former intelligence agents long for the time when they were allowed to do whatever it took to complete the mission. The current political climate adds a whole new element of risk for executives traveling abroad. Personal security can no longer be taken for granted. During his eight years with the CIA, William "Mac" Epps taught government executives how to lower their profile as a government official and minimize their chances of a terrorist attack.

In this insightful new book, Epps provides an overview of terrorists - why they do what they do, their methods, how they operate - to help readers understand the threat so they can prepare to travel safely.

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Both practical and thorough, the book explains how to decrease the risk of attack, what to do if you are attacked, and how to survive in a hostage situation. He was the coordinator for the Personal Security Course, ensuring that the course, given numerous times throughout the year, ran smoothly with minimal disruptions.

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Epps was also the senior instructor in the counterterrorism section of the course. As a senior instructor, he played an important role as the branch's unofficial counselor and advocate to the junior staff members in the office. Order the book from Amazon.

The charge: spying for the Soviets.

Coplon's trials and appeals mesmerized the nation "her fan mail rivaled that of Bette Davis". But after a partial vindication by the Supreme Court, there were still questions about her guilt. They painstakingly flesh out court transcripts, especially Coplon's first trial. Much weight is given to the histrionics of Coplon's lawyer; the shocking at the time allegations about Coplon's sex life; and the revelations about FBI perjury and illegal wiretapping. Most interesting is the Mitchells' ongoing dispute about key aspects of the case, especially whether or not Coplon was framed by the FBI.

What is clear, based on declassified Venona decrypts and statements from former KGB officials, is that she had been a Soviet spy since This is a useful addition to Cold War scholarship that will appeal to students of espionage and the Cold War era. Available from Amazon. Hansen, a former senior official at the DIA ,specializes in counterintelligence.

He provides the story of Japanese intelligence and the challenge it presents in the mids. The author discusses how the Japanese intelligence services began and developed, their setting in Japan's culture, how they are performing, what they will likely do in the future, and what it all means to the United States and the West. The author and book can be reached via afio afio. Harvey Kushner, a respected adviser to the FBI, the FAA, the INS, and other government agencies, offers frightening new evidence of a unified Islamic terrorist network that is operating inside the United States and planning new opportunities to strike.

Kushner identifies and assesses the violent plans of these Islamic organizations and individuals who take advantage of our reluctance to engage in ethnic profiling. He supports his claims with never-before-seen documents from top-level government sources, exposing a secret network of Arab intelligence agencies, terrorists, university professors, corrupt imams and other religious leaders, and violent criminals.

Some members of this network are recent immigrants; others have been American citizens for years.

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Some are laundering money from abroad through seemingly innocuous charities and mosques. Some have even infiltrated our military as Arabic translators and Muslim chaplains. Finding and stopping these conspiracies will require drastic changes in the way Americans think about terrorism.

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How can the United States guard against a clever unknown enemy while still preserving the freedoms it holds dear? Hulnick explains the need to revamp U.

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Piecing the Puzzle Together (Peace in the Storm Publishing Presents)

Offering possible solutions not to be found in the federal commission's official report, Hulnick, a distinguished retired CIA officer, examines what is really necessary to make intelligence and homeland security more efficient and competent, both within the United States and abroad. Describing the system already in place, Hulnick adds further ideas about what more is needed to protect Americans in the ever-changing world of intelligence. To create a truly valuable program, it is suggested the the United States consider not only new strategies and tactics, but also the need to break down the barriers between intelligence agencies and law enforcement [publisher promotional copy].

Rift Zone by Raelynn Hillhouse. Rift Zone is the first Cold War thriller to be published by a major publisher since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Whitney's brutal interrogation Dodging border patrols and guard posts, a silent few were able to cross the borders of the Iron Curtain to deliver needed supplies, always at the risk of their own lives. This is the past Faith Whitney knew. The daughter of a Bible smuggler, Faith was raised on the danger that such a life brought with it, a danger that can rip lives apart, even that of a mother and daughter.

Now grown and living in Germany, Faith continues to smuggle goods across the border, narrowly slipping by the East German Stasi each time. But her activities haven't gone unnoticed. The Stasi have recruited her to deliver a package to Moscow, a package that must be delivered within forty-eight hours. Her payment: the long-desired location of her missing father. The danger mounts as Faith is secretly contacted by the beautiful and seductive Colonel Bogdanov of the KGB, who also wants the package at any cost.

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  6. On the run, the more they discover about the package, the more they realize that delivering it will likely cost them their lives. Little do they both know that the package is part of a larger plan, one that could affect the result of the Cold War in ways no one ever imagined.

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    They failed. A former professor and Fulbright fellow, she's not only faced the barrels of Kalashnikovs, but has also been caught in the crossfire of border guards' snowball fights. Hillhouse earned her M. She completed her undergraduate degree in history and German area studies at Washington University in St.