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Saving Susie

After all, Susie has impeccable manners, and she stays indoors or in the backyard most of the time. Then the police are at the door. Denise must act quickly, but her attempts to find a new owner for Susie outside the city have been fruitless; there are no takers for an aging pit bull. So when Denise's ex-husband finds a home for Susie in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Denise feels she has no choice but to go there. A man with a large estate is willing to take the dog, and Steve Wingfield, a skillful and daring pilot, will fly them to the Yucatan.

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Denise could easily fall in love with Steve, but it's obvious there's something evil happening on the estate where she's supposed to leave Susie, and she's wondering how her ex and the fascinating pilot are involved. SEP 28TH update!

SUSIE is now on the transplant list!!!!! We are all really excited!

The wait begins Today the dream is coming true. Recently she has gone through a battery of grueling testing in hopes of being eligible for a double lung transplant. Today The Edmonton Transplant Clinic gave her a life changing phone call and have confirmed her eligibility. The cost is not only physical but extremely finacial. They will need to spend an initial 6 weeks in Edmonton for therapy and then again another 6 months post transplant.

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There will be no income and HUGE expenses.. My hope is to ease the burden financially with your help in order for her and Allan to focus on this life changing event, and not be concerned of the debt that will be hovering over them. I only have one sister, and for her to be offered this opportunity is beyond words.