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Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this conference. After November 02 deadline, papers of authors who do not require a visa to enter Australia are only considered for the review process. Hard copy of the proceedings will be distributed during the Conference. Pimmanee Rattanawicha Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Zbigniew Wojna Tensorflight, Inc. United Kingdom.

Development of Semantic Web-Services using Apache Jena

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Semantic Web

Matthias Thimm. Ipek Baris. Web Science MSc.

  1. Mockingjay: The Interactive Quiz Book. (The Hunger Games Series Book 3);
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  3. Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO): an ontology for Semantic Web Services.

Data Management Tools Callimachus Callimachus is a wiki based, highly scalable data management platform for creating and deploying data-driven Web applications. CKANs harvesting framework can be used to retrieve, normalize, and convert dataset metadata from multiple catalogs. It provides a catalog system, integration with third-party content management systems like Drupal and WordPress, data visualization and analytics, integrated data storage and full data API, and more.

It can be used to publish or register datasets as well as create and manage groups and communities. It is based on the CKAN data management system. Dataverse Project Dataverse is an open source web application to share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data.

Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications

It provides for the sharing and replication of data while providing academic credit and visibility for researchers, journals, data authors, publishers, data distributors, and affiliated institutions. It can work alongside oXygen. Fedora Fedora Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture is a modular, open source repository platform for the management and dissemination of digital content, including curating research data throughout the research life cycle from beginning through preservation in a RDF environment.

Fedora is being used for digital collections, e-research, digital libraries, archives, digital preservation, institutional repositories, open access publishing, document management, digital asset management, and more. Jupyter Jupyter is an open-source web application for creating and sharing documents containing live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.

It can be used for data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and much more. Jupyter supports over 40 programming languages, including Python, R, Julia, and Scala. Use it to clean data, transform data from one format into another, extend data with web services, and link it to databases such as Wikidata. Samvera Samvera previously, Hydra , is an open source digital asset management framework.

The system uses Ruby gem building blocks allowing for customization. Samvera instances can be cloned and adapted to local needs. Bundled solutions requiring fewer local resources or cloud-based, hosted versions include Avalon, Hyrax, and Hyku. Wikibase Wikibase is an open source collection of applications and libraries for creating, managing and sharing structured data.

It was developed for and used by Wikidata and Wikipedia. Wikibase features: a Repository which uses a MediaWiki extension for storing and managing structured, non-relational data in a central, collaboratively managed repository; a Client which uses a MediaWiki.

Wikidata and the Europeana Eagle project are projects that use Wikibase. Discovery Interfaces Blacklight Blacklight is in open source, discovery interface platform framework for searching an Apache Solr index. Blacklight MARC provides library catalog enhancements, Spotlight enables the creation of feature rich websites for digital collections, and Geoblacklight provides for the discovery and sharing of geospatial data.

Semantic Web Service Architecture -- Evolving Web Service Standards toward the Semantic Web

Search box, facet constraints, stable document urls, and more are customizable via Rails templating mechanisms. It accommodates heterogeneous data, allowing different information displays for different types of objects. Features include syntax highlighting, code folding, symbol name auto-completion, auto-closing of XML and HTML tags, code navigation, build system to compile and execute your code, symbol lists, and a plug-in interface. Only the Windows port of Geany is missing some features. LIME provides a linked outline view of the document and a contextual markup menu showing available elements.

Click on the Demo tab at the top of the web site to choose a schema. MarcEdit MarcEdit is a free Marc editing tool. The tool also can be used to perform MARC database maintenance. MarcEdit includes a tool for querying registered xslt crosswalks and downloading them for use with MarcEdit. The Simple Generator generates simple Dublin Core metadata using only the 15 main elements. Glossaries Data.

Glossary of Metadata Standards This glossary lists the most common metadata standards used in the cultural heritage community. Several of them are listed on our Vocabularies page, which you can access by clicking on Vocabularies, etc.